What's new?

qsFOX 1.5 available for download

Singlish improved. Conversion happens automatically for every key press (no need to press Space bar).

qsFOX is an extension for Mozilla Firefox which enables Sinhala Unicode Reading and writing capability for Firefox



Most of the machines at internet cafes and some labs do not have Sinhala Unicode installed.

In order to install Sinhala Unicode we have to go through series of steps which takes too much of time. And lack of privileges makes it even tough for the normal users.

So it is always good to have a quick way of enabling Unicode without administrative user privileges since time is a highly considerable factor for the users who browse internet in those places.

Even though it is possible to read Sinhala Unicode text using a small trick, not being able to write in Sinhala has become a great problem for the users who work with Sinhala Unicode (ex. Sinhala bloggers).

From qsFOX I have given a solution for this by providing both reading and writing capabilities in Sinhala Unicode for Firefox.

qsFOX comes as an extension for Firefox. Here I have developed the standard Wijesekara Sinhala keyboard.

So I hope it will be a great tool for the Sinhala Bloggers and Blog readers who are having problems with working in Sinhala in those constraint environments.

And there is an option for those who like to use the Phonetic style (singlish) keyboard.

User will be provided a UI with useful information (ex. Keyboard Layout).

The qsfox project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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